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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Work in Brief
*** Ready for Launch ***

Set circa 3500 AD (no one really keeps track anymore), the story centers on three characters aboard a P2PC--a planet-to-planet courier--each struggling to overcome a loss that changed their lives, and willing to put everything on the line for a brighter future. Be careful what you wish for...

1st Place 2009 SouthWest Writers Annual Contest
SF/Fantasy/Horror category

1st Place 2009 Utah RWA Heart of the West Contest
Paranormal category

2nd Place in the 2009 Oklahoma RWA FAB Contest
Paranormal category
***Approaching Launch Pad***

Outer Planets
A Near Future Sci-Fi/Romance/Intrigue set on an exploratory vessel in the mid 2040s. After an environmental catastrophe and global economic collapse, mankind looks to the stars for answers to overpopulation and dwindling resources. The exploratory vessel NSS Robert Bradley is sent to scout the moons of the solar system for resources and potential colony sites to serve as stepping stones to deep space exploration. Lissa Bruce, a PR guru and last minute addition to the crew, wrangles a berth on the ship via blackmail. Lissa believes she is making the only choice possible to fix her life, only to find a part of the past she wants to forget is already aboard.

1st Place Winner - 2010 Lilac City Rochester 1st and Ten
(Open competition: all genres, no categories)

Finalist - 2010 North Texas RWA Great Expectations
Specialized category
*** Under Construction ***

Katrina Wells is seized from a campsite in Iowa, hurled through space and time and thrust into a civilization of alien customs and frightening laws. She learns she may be key to the survival of the planet--a realm that predates all civilization on Earth.

A Paranormal Horror/Romance set in the northern woods of Michigan. Something terrible lurks in the forests near Lindy Knight's childhood home, something she fears was unleashed by the death of her closest friend. When she returns to Ross Crossing to confront her past, she finds more than just a childhood nightmare has returned to the small resort town.

*** In Design ***

"P2PC Book 2"The sequel to my Sci-Fi Rom novel which is currently being marketed. P2PC Book 2 follows the MCs and ensemble cast introduced in the first novel forward into a dangerous future.

A Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Time Travel/Romance set in the ancient Americas and present day. What really happened to a vanished civilization? The MC, a female psychic with extraordinary talents, is sent to an archaeological site to see what she can uncover about the fate of an ancient culture. Her discoveries have startling consequences.

"Draxis Book 2"
The middle book of the Draxian Trilogy picks up where the first book ended with the arrival of "the Flame" on Draxis. The reins of a civilization have been passed to a new generation, but will their demand for change ultimately destroy Draxis?

"Draxis Book 3"
The grand finale of the Draxian Trilogy. A twelve-thousand year old prophecy might be coming true, and the Draxian civilization may end in oblivion based on a single decision of one individual. The Draxians think they know who will make the decision, and why--but what if they've guessed wrong?

A Time Travel Romance set in present day and 1870s New Mexico. Modern day female MC discovers she has a past...and belongs in it.

This Far, Wild Land
A Historical Epic set in the 1600s Spanish Colonial southwest. A journey back to the early days of Nuevo Mexijo (New Mexico). Banished from his family estate near Madrid by his father's will, a Spanish Quintadore arrives in a rugged northern outpost to forge a new destiny. Immersed in the struggle between his countrymen and the indigenous people, he develops a fierce pride in the wild new territory. But his loyalty to Spain and all he loves will be tested when a Pueblo revolt tears his life and dreams apart. This promises to be the Gone With the Wind of the Land of Enchantment...provided I can ever complete all the research.