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Friday, March 21, 2008

My Blogs

SFR Brigade
A very action Sci-Fi Romance community of dynamic authors and writers launched in March 2010 to advance the interests of the SFR subgenre.  Watch out universe!

Spacefreighters Lounge
My Sci-Fi Romance centered blog with articles, book reveiws, interviews, links to research sources and other fun spacey stuff. I was joined by two like-minded co-bloggers, Golden Heart Paranormal finalist Sharon Lynn Fisher and talented SFR writer Donna S. Frelick in the fall of 2009.

Take it to the Stars
A joint blog hosted (hostessed?) by me and my three IPs. Here we discuss anything and everything. It's The View of blogs.

Toasted Scimitar
A popular joint blog sponsored by five Fantasy/Sci-Fi writers including Yours Truly. Toasted Scimitar, a virtual Fantasy tavern, was closed for business in the summer of 2009. It was been converted to "museum" format for the time being and all former feature articles, commentary, and interesting links for writers and readers of SF/F are still available to readers.

My original blog (currently inactive). Occasional commentary on my trilogy-in-the-making, world building, myths and legends, and the writing industry in general. This blog will become active again when I go back to work on the first novel in the trilogy.