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Monday, April 19, 2010


Outer Planets Wins
the Lilac City Rochester Writers
First and Ten Contest

On April 19th, I received notification
that my novel, Outer Planets,
has WON the Lilac City Rochester
First and Ten Contest
in open competition!

Oh, what a feeling! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


New Community Launches
for Science Fiction Romance!

Writers! Authors! Professionals! Are you a Science Fiction Romance advocate? Do you love SFR in one or all of its many flavors? (Science Fiction -- the final romance frontier...)

The SFR Brigade is a shiny new online community (cleverly disguised as a blog) where you can network with like-minded peers, catch the latest news, make announcements about contest successes, sales or releases, while having fun and frolicing with your head in the stars.

Want to know more?

Welcome to the Brigade offers a light-hearted brief on the mission plan, goals and long-range objectives for the SFR Brigade.  (We aim to misbehave.)

Five Reasons Why You Should Join ticks off the key points of joining together with other SFR comrades to plot, plan and become a larger voice in the universe. (Resistance is futile.)

Join us! (Permission to board is granted.)

* * * Newsflash! * * *

Congratulations to my fabulously talented IP (indispensable peer) Sharon Lynn Fisher for her Golden Heart final! 

The Golden Heart is the granddaddy (or maybe the magical fairy godmother) of all contests for unpublished authors, and Sharon has just done the next-to-impossible by making the final round for the second year in a row! 

Many Congrats, Sharon!